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Kar dynablade

Dyna Blade

Dyna Blade is a recurring boss and sometimes ally in the Kirby series. She appears with her own sub game in Kirby Super Star, and makes a minor appearance Kirby Air Ride.

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The Nintendo Wii is Nintendo's 5th home entertainment console and is a 7th generation console. It came out in North America on November 19th , 2007, for a price of $250.The Wii Console With a Wii Remotelaunch, several games were available, such as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Excite Truck. Wii Sports, one Wii Remote, one Nunchuk, a set of AA batteries, and all necessary cables come packaged with the Wii.[Read More]

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SSBB Cover This is the box art to Brawl.

Featured Fan Game

Super Smash Brothers tussle is another Smash bros game in the large series. It acts as a sequel to SSBB.More nintendo characters have been added, such as Daisy.3rd party characters, such as The Monkey Ball star, have been added too. Some Melee characters, such as Dr. Mario have returned. Strangely, Obi-Wan and other Star wars characters were added because of the jedi skills and what good fighters they would make.

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