Super Mario Galaxy 3 is an upcoming game for Wii is soon to be coming! Shroob Galaxy! is a galaxy game with being playable with shroobs. every shroob enemy and boss are playable. Mario,Luigi, Bowser,Wiifit Board(strange), Sonic, Shadow, All Shroobs, and Koopalings are playable.


Mario runs to the castle to meet Sonic. Sonic runs. The 2 meet infront of the castle. Shroobs appear. The 2 are shocked. The Shroobs don't fire, they become frendly, even the Shroobs' bosses. They all dash to Peaches castle. A black eye appears. It screeches and sends away the castle. The Wiifit board lands on the eye. A Magikoopa charges up a LARGE blast. Bowser, Koopalings, and Shadow attack the koop, and become friendly. Rosalina's Ghost gives the player the "Spin" move, and sends them to the galaxy. A tourital begins. It teaches the player how to jump,spin,Co-star super jump, and ground pound. Then it teaches about combat. And you get A Green Star.


Name How to unlock

Sonic Wherehog Complete the "Reactor" Level With Sonic In less than A Minute

Petey Piranha Beat the game

Rex Defeat A Shroob Rex

Your Mii! Create a profile

Wario Bros Defeat Black Eye


Black Eye- A black eye.

Throob-A purple thunder cloud with BIG thunder bolts

Snawful- Little snow people with shovels

I'm-Sorry-Mask-Mario-Mario without his hat, overalls, and shirt and he's Yellow

Hearer-A copy of your Mii and with HUGE ears

Meateor I-A meteor with eyes

McBoo-A pink Boo with Mario's hat

Giant Magmar-A giant Magmar

Loochy-A black princess who wants to "Mary" Mario

Gooper Blooper-A giant Blooper with 4 tetenticals