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This is like a sequel and remake torwards Brawl. It has enhanced graphics and a couple new story modes. The legend of diddy kong is where the monkey friend was taken to an alternate dimension called Smashia. There he escapes the whits of Anti-King Dedede and befriends Anti-Yoshi. It is suprisingly rated E For Everyone... ESRB made a mistake rating it E, it should be T. Diddy Kong is the main character in the story mode. There is three Adventure modes: The Legend of Diddy Kong, The Quest of Olimar, and The Revenge of Dynablade.The Quest of Olimar is olimar escaping Gannondorf on the pikmin planet. The Revenge of Dynablade is where Meta Knight battles Dynablade and if you beat the story mode, you UNLOCK Dyna Blade! Zant is unlocked by defeating his secret story mode, The Twilight Dimension. To unlock twilight dimension, you have to beat Gannondorfs event,Lurking In The Shadows.

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