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Zant is unlockable in Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2:The Legend of Diddy Kong. He has some of the most fast and powerful attacks in the game. He is unlocked with a new story mode: The Twilight Dimension.


  • Special: Twilight Ball
  • Side Special: Twilight flurry
  • Normal: Sword Swing
  • Normal x 2: Double Swords
  • Normal x 3: Hurricane Swords
  • Down Special: Twilight-Quake
  • Up Special: Shadow Rocket Boost
  • Hold Special: Dark Sword Beam
  • Up Smash: Energy Ball
  • Side Smash: Mega Twilght Fist
  • Down Smash: Sword Ring


  • Up: Energy Ball
  • Side: Cross Sword
  • Down: Ultimate Twilight Glimpse

Zant's Up Taunt

Final SmashEdit

Zant engulfs the stage with twilight. Zant's Attacks are doubled and the enemies can not move. The other brawlers are spirits like the ones in twilight princess. Damage is delt to enimies like as if the had flowers on their heads.